Welcome to the Clara Barton PTSA Website! 

Clara Barton PTSA is part of the Washington State PTA (every child. one voice). The mission of Clara Barton PTSA is to support our children’s growth, social development, and community through financial, enrichment and educational opportunities in a global, diverse and inclusive environment.

Clara Barton PTSA will be a relevant voice for children, families, guardians, schools, and communities advocating towards education, health, safety and emotional well-being of all students.

How do PTSAs work?

Parents, guardians and other members of the community become PTSA members and contribute to the PTSA by volunteering with their time and/or helping fund the PTSA through donations.  Local PTSAs are self-funding and support school programs, building improvements, after-school enrichment activities, and educational events (i.e. Math Night, International/Heritage Night, Science Expo, Fun Run and more).

For all these reasons we need your help by becoming a member now and volunteering!

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